Practicing Python

Below are some featured Python Practice web sites suggested by Jose Portilla in web courseĀ Complete Python Bootcamp. Also the course contains two main milestone projects and a list of 100 other milestone projects, each with sample solutions.


Basic Practice:

More Mathematical (and Harder) Practice:

List of Practice Problems:

A SubReddit Devoted to Daily Practice Problems:

A very tricky website with very few hints and touch problems (Not for beginners but still interesting)


Career Accountability Group

A few weeks ago I started a Career Accountability Group. Anyone in job transition should find or start a group. Or at the very least partner with another individual. My group meets weekly for one hour.

My group has three main purposes:

  1. For exchanging ideas and obtaining advice from others in job transition 
  2. Accountability, Accountabilty, Accountabilty
  3. Act as a support group where we can encourage each other

Each member of group will have the opportunity to:

  1. Describe accomplishments from past week
  2. Explain problems/obstacles to overcome 
  3. Describe plans for next week
  4. Ask for advice

Learning Topic: Unit Testing using JUNIT4

This week I have begun learning JUNIT4 using Kindle book “Mastering Unit Testing Using Mockito and JUnit” by Sujoy Acharay.

Here is the process I have been following:

  1. Using Eclipse, coded all the examples in chapter 2, ran the tests, and debugged as needed.
  2. Added all test classes to TestSuite class so that all tests can be executed easily.
  3. Added comments so that I can better understand the code and because it is the right thing to do.
  4. Added some other tests for practice and for better understanding.
  5. Renamed some of the classes and methods to be more meaningful.

When done I will have some sample test code which I can use as models for any testing I do in the future.

Work in progress in which I am adding all the tests to TestSuite class and adding comments:

TestSuite Java Class for JUNIT4 Learning

Work in progress in which I am adding comments to classes:

AssertThatTest Java Class for JUNIT4 Learning